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CreatBot D600 PRO Dual Extruder Large format Industrial 3D Printer

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CreatBot D600 Pro Features:

This is the most updated version of CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro with the following upgrades/enhancements.
  • Emergency stop switch
    • Used as a safety measure to stop the machine in emergencies.
  • HEPA Air filtration
    • The HEPA air filter system absorbs impurities and toxic gases(pollutants) generated by printing exotic filaments.
    • More Hygienic and act as environmental protection.
  • Servo motors with reduction gearbox
    • Low backlash during the life time
    • High repeatability accuracy
    • Low intertia
    • High efficiency for greater performance
    • HIgh Torque, controlled motion. Overcome the problem of losing a step—no layer shift.
    • Low noise.


  • TEMPERATURE UP TO 420°C - D600 and D600 Pro equiped with the 4th generation dual extruders and hotends. The left extruder equiped with 260°C hotend, it is able to print with PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, Carbon fiber, Flexible, etc. The right extruder 420°C hotend is made of martensite steel, which is able to print high performance materials. The dual hotend is replaceable, which provide more possibility on your application.
  • HIGH PRECISION - We exclusively research and develop the extruder feeding system support high-speed printing, and accuracy can reach high to 0.05mm, it allows to extrude filament steady without block. Precision up to:0.05mm Speed up to: 200mm/s
  • STABILITY - The whole-steel body not only ensure the stability when printing but alst greatly extend the usage period. the optimization and cooperation of overall structure ensure the sustainable and efficient operation. The first batch of CreatBot 3D printers have been working for 5 years and more than 8000 hours.
  • HUGE BUILD VOLUME - D600 is a real industrial level 3D printer, it can print largest build volume of 600*600*600mm, 30 times bigger than it of other ordinary 3D printer in nowadays mass market. CreatBot D600 build volume: 600*600*600mm
  • FULLY ENCLOSED CHAMBER - The fully enclosed chamber can block all external interference. Also this frame can reduce noises, at the same time to provide constant temperature, so that the model won't deform.
  • ACCURATE LINEAR GUIDE RAIL - The accurate linear rail structure can print models in accuracy high reach to 4~5 times higher than the other ordinary optical axis printers in mass market. This structure offers accurate filament feeding, so that can print large model fast and perfectly.
  • OUTAGE RESTORED & FILAMENT DETECTION - The printer will automatically memorize the current position and save the print data, lower the working platform and withdraw filament when the power off suddenly.
  • EFFICIENT PLATFORM - The platform surface is attached with the 3D printing special stickers, and the printer has vertical thermal conductivity so that can support high thermal efficiency. You can set the parameters to turn off the hot bed automatically after the specified number of layers.
  • EASY TOUCH SCREEN - The printer has a 4.3" touch screen, more easy to operate. We also provide One-Key to preheat, print, home as well as other shortcut keys.

CreatBot D600 PRO Upgrades

AUTO LEVELING PLATFORM PRO - Use of 25 points through the BL-Touch probe to save the level of platform flatness data at the initial, through the Z axis intelligent compensation table height in the printing process to achieve fully automatic leveling.

HOT AIR CHAMBER 70°C PRO - Hot air chamber can provide constant room temperature so that model won’t deform when printing.

FILAMENTS DRYING ROOM PRO - The function is able to dry filaments like Nylon,PC,ABS, which with high water absorption, 45°C and 65°C chamber temperature available.

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Technical Specs


Print Technology Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM)
Build Volume 600*600*600 mm
Number of Nozzles Double
Resolution 0.05 mm
Layer Resolution 0.05 mm
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Filament Compatibility PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Nylon, PC, PTEG, HIPS, PP, Flexible, TPU, PVA, etc.
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm (0.3 0.5 0.6 0.8 1.0mm)
Print File Type STL, OBJ, AMF, Gcode


Ambient Operating Temperature 15 ℃~32 ℃
Max. Nozzle Temperature 420 ℃
Max. Bed Temperature 100 ℃
Max. Chamber Temperature 70 ℃ D600 Pro
Filaments Drying Temperature 45 ℃/65 ℃ D600 Pro


Construction Power-Coated Steel, Aluminum Casting for Motion Components, POM
Build Plate Borosilicate glass bed
Build Plate Leveling Factory Leveled, Adjust Manually Automatic D600 Pro
Extruder Directly Drive
Stepper Motors 1.8° Step Angle with 1/16 Micro-stepping
X Y Positioning Precision 5.08 μm
Z Positioning Precision 1.25 μm


Best Printing speed 45 mm/s
Max. Printing speed 120 mm/s


Power Requirements 100-240V, 50-60Hz;220-240V, 50-60Hz D600 Pro
Screen 4.3'' Touch Screen with Multi-language
Max. Power 1 000 W~4 000 W D600 Pro
Control Chip ATmega 2560
Storage Media USB Disk
Connectivity USB


Software Bundle CreatWare, Simplify 3D, Cura, Slice 3r, etc
Supported File Types STL,OBJ,AMF
Operating Systems Win7/8/10, MacOS

Special Function

Outage Restored Save data when power is off
Filament Detection Pause printing when filament run out
Automatic Shut-down Turn off the power automatically when printing is complete

Size & Weight

Product Dimensions & Weight 915*845*1 085 mm 125 kg
Packing Size & Weight 1 000*1 030*1 360 mm 190 kg(Pallet)

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