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Formbot T-Rex 2+ IDEX Large Format 3D Printer

The Formbot T-Rex 2+ large format 3D Printer with Independent Dual Extruders (IDEX), 225 point automatic unified bed leveling with dual zone bed heating upgrade.

FORMBOT T-REX 2+ has been DISCONTINUED! and now upgraded to T-REX 3.0 500MM & T-REX 3.0 700MM. with full bed size heating 400x400, PEI Sheet & much more

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large Format 3D Printer

The next generation of high performance 3D printer constructed with the high quality components which incorporates the latest technology in 3D printing. Available in two heights 500 mm and 700 mm version

The Formbot T-Rex 2+ with a build volume of 400 x 400 x 500mm (20") / 700mm (28") to print in! Formbot T-Rex 2+ uses incredibly thick linear rail and bearing to ensure smooth movement, and industrial ball screws helps to achieve amazing z accuracy.

One of the exciting feature own by Formbot T-Rex 2+ is Independent dual extruders called (IDEX) . It allows the machine to print in more ways so suit your requirements! Print with two materials for soluble support, dual colours, or print two objects at the same time for twice the printing speed!


  Independent dual extruder (IDEX): possibility of printing 2 materials at a time or 2 identical objects simultaneously.

  Extruder wiping system: to avoid messy layers at the beginning of a 3D print, the extruders are automatically wiped.

  Auto-leveling: no need for time-consuming manual bed leveling.

  High-temperature extruder (optional): for printing PEEK, nylon and other filaments that require high temperatures to be 3D printed.

  Dual zone heated print bed (optional): the heating is divided into 2 areas, to avoid useless heating of unused areas (a smaller portion of 200 x 200 can be heated for small objects, while the whole print bed can be heated for larger prints).

  Laser engraver (optional): capable of engraving wood, fabrics and other materials.

Dual Independent Extruder (IDEX):

With two independent extrusion nozzles, the Formbot T-Rex 2+ can print two materials at once with no oozing and no damage to the model, a feature unique to the Formbot among printers this big!

With two independent extruder heads, you can print:

  •  a model with two colours
  •  a model with two materials
  •  a model with soluble supports
  •  two of the same model at the same time!

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large format 3D Printer

Recommended for designers, engineers, prop builders and cosplay enthusiasts with it's massive build volume and print quality.

Print Hotter:

By default customized print bed included which has strong adhesive  after spread PVG Biogium. With an independent heat bed, the Formbot T-Rex 2+ can reach 120 degrees across the entire 400 x 400 build plate in couple of minutes! with Dual zones of heating keenovo upgrade , allowing you to heat the entire plate, or just the center if you're printing a smaller object. With Dual zone Keenovo upgrade, Heated bed bundle with 400 x 400 mm aluminium surface.This ensured maximum adhesion to the print bed for large prints

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large format 3D Printer

The build surface also includes a high powered KEENOVO silicon heating pad upgrade with dual zone heating up to 120 degrees Celsius within a couple of minutes. This heating pad includes an independent Digital Controller that enables you to just heat the central 200x200mm region for smaller prints or heat the full 400x400mm zone for larger builds.

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large format 3D Printer

Print Level:

Formbot T-Rex 2+ locates an incredible 225 reference points of the bed with an integrated BL Touch sensor collect the datas & stores them in EEPROM. It creates mesh leveling that ensures your print is perfectly aligned to the bed of the Formbot without worrying about manual bed leveling.

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large format 3D Printer

To ensure the cleanest of prints, when not in use the print heads park themselves in bays with a tray to catch oozing, and a wire brush to clean the nozzle every time it's used.

Print customised:

With quick interchangeable hot ends, it's much easier to swap out the nozzle you want. Put on a 0.25 mm nozzle for super high detail, or up to a 1.0 mm nozzle to print faster. Not just limited to brass, all the nozzle sizes also come in stainless-steel, allowing you to print any filament materials in the market you wish with ease.

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large Format 3D Printer 

Print Reliably:

Built with high end components. Genuine Meanwell power supply, BLTouch sensor, Keenovo heat bed, NSK bearings, and properly processed aluminium extrusion ensures that your printer prints reliably and beautifully.

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large Format 3D Printer

Print big. Without the hassle.

Print Precision:

The Z-Axis of Formbot T-Rex 2+ is constructed with high quality industrial grade 20mm trapezoidal linear rails in conjunction with dual 12mm TBI Motion Ball Screws.

This ensures smooth motion, high precision auto leveling and durability and ultimately exceptional print quality.

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large format 3D Printer

The Formbot TRex2+ uses dual 12mm TBI motion ball screws for Z axis motion ensuring smooth movements, high rigidity, high durability and exceptional print quality.

The High efficiency of TBI Motion precision Ball Screws are vastly superior to conventional screws with smoother motion and minimal axial play.

It prevents effectively the abnormal chips getting into the ball track from the bottom side of the block and keep the good running performance and extend the life time of the slider because the friction is low by keeping some small backlash between the slider and rail

High Temp. Extruder Kit upgrade:

It will reach over 350C. For printing PEEK, nylon and other filaments that require high temperatures to be 3D printed.

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large Format 3D Printer

SSR Upgrade Kit:

SSR Upgrade kit controls the Heated bed through gcode. It includes 40A SSR, Thermistor & Thermistor driver.

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large Format 3D Printer 

Laser Engraver upgrade:

Formbot T-Rex 2+ has the capability of engraving wood, fabrics and other materials

Formbot T-Rex 2+ Large Format 3D Printer

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Technical specifications:

ModelT-Rex 2+
Power consumption200W
Print size400*400*500 mm/ can be customized to 700 mm (28 inches) Z height
Aluminium Extrusion4040 Frame
Extruder kitIDEX Independent Dual Extruder
Nozzle Diameter0.4 mm
Filament Diameter1.75 mm
Layer Thickness0.05~0.5 mm
Print speed1~180 mm/s
Display3.5" Full graphic LCD screen
ConnectionSD card/USB cable
Leveling methodUBL auto bed leveling
Slice softwareCura/S3D/Makerbot Desktop/Slic3r
Machine Size700*630*750 mm
Machine weight21 Kg
WarrantyComes with 12 months Extended Replacements parts warranty

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 It is almost pre-built. It only takes 10 - 15 mins to complete the set up.If you need extra spare nozzles of same size, please leave us as a order comments in checkout while placing an order. It is applicable only if you opt extra spare nozzles option.

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