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Felix Pro 2

Lead time approx. 2 Weeks

Felix Pro 2 Highlights :

  Interchangeable full-metal hot-ends

  highly accurate sensors

  smoother print results

  optimized filament feed and advanced filament detection

Technical Specifications:

Print quality

Minimum layer height: 0.05 mm
Normal layer height: 0.15 mm
Maximum layer height: 0.25 mm
Heated print bed
Build volume up to 237 x 244 x 235 mm (XYZ)
Bed temperature: max. 100 oC
Automatic bed levelling
Easily detachable
Standard nozzle: 0.35 mm
Nozzle temperature: max. 275 oC
Full metal hot-ends
Detachable (one-click)
Print materials
Open source 1.75 mm filaments
Tolerance: ± 0.15
PLA, PET(G), Flex, ABS, PVA, Wood, Glass, etc.
Stand-alone SD card printing
USB cable connection
Optional WiFi (upgrade)
Simplify3D, FELIXbuilder or Repetier Host
File Types: STL, OBJ, 3DS, AMF
Operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux
FELIX Pro 2 box including
Felix Pro 2 3D printer, Foot with 2 bolts, LCD display, Small tool kit, Power Supply unit, AC Power supply cord, USB cable, Micro SD card, Micro SD USB card reader, 2 plastic handles for filaments, Filament dust cleaning guide, 2 Teflon tubes, QuickStart Guide

The goal of the FELIX pro series was to create an innovative 3D printer which would exceed our expectations in every aspect of desktop 3d printing

We managed to create a printer with the DNA of our award winning FELIX 3 series and a focus on ease of use. By closely listening to our community and existing customers we’ve developed the Pro 2 from the ground up with basically all required features to print at a professional level silently next to you on your desk.

Amaze your customers and take advantage of the benefits for 3D printing in the best possible way

     13.6 L (237X244X235 mm)

     0.05 mm Print Resolution

     32 dB Like a Whisper

      Same Week Delivery

                Shipment within a day after payment.

      UPS Insured Shipment

                 High quality service. Transport without damage.

      14 Day Return Refund

                Unsatisfied? return within 14 days and get your money back

      Safe Payment

                 PayPal-the most reliable payment method

         1 Year Warranty

                 Just in case. Of course we only ship out perfect products.

      Lifetime Support Service

                 Experiencing trouble with your FELIX? Feel free to contact us!

FELIX automatic calibration system

The FELIX Pro 2 features full mechanical automatic calibration. Start printing in the least amount of time and with the shortest possible learning curve. Where software auto leveling is the norm nowadays, we do it mechanically providing the best possible print quality.

Out of filament detection

The FELIX Pro 2 detects the outage or inconsistincies in the used filament. When one of the two is detected, the flow will be adjusted or the print job paused. After resolving the issue, the print will continue to print. Potentially saving you hours of your valuable time and money by preventing print job failure.

Quick release heated print bed

Take out your print bed, to easily remove printed objects from the print bed once your print has finished.

Quality components

The innovative design of the FELIX Pro 2 comes with the best components available to ensure high quality prints and durable performance..

Intelligent nozzle positioning

A clever mechanical system will rotate the second print head when needed. This eliminates interference and heat-exchange between the two print heads.print job paused. After resolving the issue, the print will continue to print. Potentially saving you hours of your valuable time and money by preventing print job failure.

Quick release full metal hot-ends

Using durable and industrial grade materials for a critical part of the printer, ensures reliable operation and gives you a large range of options regardng printing materials.Next to this, our hot-end is designed to be easily swappable. It takes you less than 10 seconds and no tools required. Ideal if you need a dedicated hot-end for a certain material or several nozzle sizes..

Ideal desktop 3D printer

The FELIX Pro 2 operates at an extremely low noise level at just 32dB (comparable to wispering in a library). Giving you the ability to do your job without interuption.


With only 12kg the FELIX Pro 1 is a light weight 3D printer with an open frame makes it easy to carry the 3D printer. Also when you need to travel you can easily put it back into the relatively small box.

optional: Wifi/cloud printing

By adding the Wifi option there is no need to be connected to your 3D printer via USB or put your print files on a SD card. Directly print your 3d model from your pc, tablet or smart phone. Add this functionality by adding the Element to your order.

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