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McDonalds is the largest fast-food chain in the world with more than 420,000 people working at their 36,615 store. Source Wikipedia. We all would have visited McDonald at least once in a life time and would have seen their Happy meal toys, but did you know that they have a special relation with these toys. The idea of distributing toys with meals was first though upon in 1979, when they were looking to create a better experience for families with kids. This small idea has made McDonalds the largest distributor for toys in the world. So when they decided to create an advertisement campaign for the holiday season of 2016, they thought of using toys as the main theme.This led to the creation of a 3D printed doll named Juliette

The advertisement is set to be its “biggest ever” Christmas campaign for McDonalds and is created by a London-based ad agency called Leo Burnett. The advert tells the story of Juliette which is a lonely toy waiting to be taken by a family for more than a year. The toy maker hopes that someone will pick her up during this holiday season, and she waits in agony. To pass her time she watches happy people at the MacDonald’s stores across the lane. Time passes and it’s the 24th of December and the toy maker is feeling sad for the 3d printed toy Juliette, but then she decides to take things in her hand. She jumps out of the showcase and walks across the snow clad street and see the Happy Meal toy “Meteor Mike”. She hops into the bag in which the family carries the “Meteor Mike” and waives good bye to the toy maker. The Toy maker looks happy for Juliette, and the advert closes with the tag line “Good Times”.

The 90 seconds advertisement’s main character as well as the other toys featuring in it are all made using 3D Printed parts and get their life using puppeteering and CGI. The Face of Juliette is said to be hand painted, the dress is custom made and the hair has been meticulously fixed by toy experts. The advert was directed by Gary Freedman and was realized by Philip Meyler and Darren Keff, a creative team at Leo Burnett.

After the release of the advertisement Emily Somers, Vice President of Food & Marketing, McDonald’s UK said, “I am very proud of our contribution to the competitive Christmas advertising window, and delighted to bring our biggest ever campaign to life with Juliette and her adventure. The advert kick starts an eight week multi-channel Christmas celebration which sees us use AV, out of home, digital and in-store advertising to bring the campaign to life and to deliver good times for our customers and employees this December.”

We as 3D printing community are proud of how McDonalds has used 3D printing to make this advertisement and the previously release “Always Working” advertisement. All I can say about the use of 3D Printing is that “I’m Lovin it

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