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Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022

Introducing the Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 Dental 3D Printer - the ultimate tool for precise and high-quality dental 3D printing. This innovative printer features cutting-edge technology that allows for rapid prototyping and production of dental models, crowns, bridges, and more.


  • Large Printing Area with Unmatched PPI: The Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 offers an impressive printing area of 6.1", with a stunning PPI of 722 that ensures exceptional detail and clarity.
  • High Precision and Fast Printing Speed: With a print resolution of 35µm and a printing speed of 90mm/hour, the Sonic 4K achieves a remarkable balance between speed and accuracy, making it ideal for rapid prototyping and production.
  • Intuitive Operation: The Sonic 4K 2022 comes equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen panel, allowing for easy operation and file management. Files can be loaded remotely via Ethernet cable or USB, making it even more convenient to use.
  • Ultra-Stable Z-Axis Design: Thanks to its clever Z-axis design, the Sonic 4K 2022 ensures that tall parts remain stable throughout the build and remain accurate by minimizing any movement.
  • Optimized for Dental Printing: The Sonic 4K 2022 comes with pre-set printing parameters that have been optimized to work with dental-specific resins and other resins of 385nm and 405nm, making it a valuable tool for dental professionals.
  • Dedicated Processing Software: The Sonic 4K 2022 comes with the Dental Synergy Slicer software, which has been specifically designed to optimize workflow for processing dental 3D models, providing an efficient and streamlined user experience.
  • Integrated Heater and Air Purifier: The Sonic 4K 2022 features an integrated heater that maintains a stable environment for high-quality, reliable printing, while the air purifier significantly reduces fumes, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice.
  • Print Resume Functionality: The Sonic 4K 2022 allows you to salvage your print job and resume printing after a power outage, ensuring that you don't lose any progress or waste materials.
  • Adjustable Light Intensity for Optimal Printing Efficiency: The Phrozen Sonic 4K features adjustable light intensity that allows you to optimize printing efficiency for the best results, giving you greater control over your prints.
  • Specialized Door Buffer for Enhanced Durability: The Sonic 4K features a specialized door buffer that helps to increase the lifespan of the printer by minimizing wear and tear on the doors. This feature helps to ensure that your printer stays in top condition for longer, providing greater value for your investment.
  • Pre-Set Slicing Profiles for Major Dental Resins: The DS Slicer comes with ready-to-use slicing profiles that are preset for the major dental resins, including Phrozen, Keystone, Nextdent, Enlighten, Harzlabs, Dreve, Dentona, Detax, Graphy, Whipmix, Vericom, and Saremco. This feature ensures that you can get started with your dental printing projects right away, without having to spend time adjusting settings.
  • High-Speed Printing with Turbo Mode and Multi-Para Slicer: The DS Slicer supports high-speed printing with its Turbo 3D printing mode and Multi-Para Slicer. By combining these two functions, dental users can print up to 2 times faster than on conventional 3D printers, making the printing process more efficient and productive.
  • Automation Capabilities for Enhanced Workflow: The DS Slicer offers automation capabilities that streamline the printing process and make it more user-friendly. For example, users can easily set up drainage holes on the model or choose the most optimal orientation for reliable printing. These features save time and effort, allowing dental professionals to focus on other important aspects of their work.

In summary, the Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 Dental 3D Printer is an excellent investment for dental practices looking to take their 3D printing capabilities to the next level. Its high-resolution printing, fast printing speed, user-friendly interface, low maintenance requirements, compatibility with most dental resin materials, precision printing, and versatility make it a must-have for any dental professional looking to improve patient outcomes.

Phrozen Sonic 4K Technical Specification

  • System: Phrozen OS
  • Operation: 5in Touch Panel
  • Slicer Software: Dental Synergy Slicer
  • Connectivity: USB   | Ethernet | WIFI
  • Technology: Resin 3D Printer - LCD Type
  • Light Source: 405nm ParaLED Matrix 3.0
  • LCD: 6.1" 4K Mono LCD
  • XY Resolution: 35µm
  • Layer Thickness: 0.01-0.30mm
  • Printing Speed: 90mm/ hour
  • Power Requirement: AC100-240V~50/60Hz
  • Printer Size: 28 x 28 x 46.5 cm
  • Print Volume: 13.4 x 7.5 x 20 cm
  • Printer Weight: 14.9kg

Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 Bundle includes

  • Phrozen Sonic 4K 2022 3D Printer
  • Protective equipment
  • Power supply
  • SD card
  • Spare parts
  • Build plate
  • Metal scraper
  • Plastic scraper
  • A toolbox
  • Metal resin vat with pre-mounted FEP film
  • Product manual


  • No UV resin included. Don’t forget to add UV resin to your order to get started immediately.
  • This product does not include spare FEP Film, cleaning fluids and materials, curing equipment, safety gear and post-processing equipment. Please check accessoires section to get all needed items to start 3D printing.


  • 12 Months factory warranty
  • Excluded from warranty are consumable parts: LCD display, Resinvat, Buildplate, FEP Film, SD Card and ParaLED
  • Opening the machine without authorization voids warranty


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