• Flyingbear P905 3D Printer

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Flyingbear P905 3D Printer

Upgraded version of P902 3D Printer

P905 with Autoleveling, Dual Z, Large Bed type is now available in Germany Warehouse

  The machine has the same structure as the Makerbot,running faster and has low noise.

  Each part is made of metal! the structure and the extruder are all-metal!

  The main board has a cooling fan, which allows the printer to print for a long time, and more stable. This is not available in the general printer!

  Sheet metal housings are provided with a variety of mounting holes that allow you to modify the printer.

  This 3D printer cabling reasonable so the appearance look clean and tidy.

  Dual Z Axis support enhances the Z precision, hence diminishes chances of experiencing Z banding

  There are many types of printers available, dual extruders, dual z axis support, automatic leveling, Large bed size and so on. You can meet all of your requirements here!

  250W 20A High power supply - Heating will be faster with the better printing quality

Technical Specifications

  Name :Flyingbear-P905 3D Printer Kit

  Print size:220*220*210mm/220*280*210

  Printer size:338*345*385mm

  Layer thickness precision: 0.05-0.3

  MAX printing speed: 150 mm/s.

  Material type: PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA, Flexible Filaments .

  Material specifications :1.75mm in diameter.

  Positioning accuracy: Z 0.002mm, XY 0.01mm.

  Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm (customized 0.2mm/0.3mm)

  Recommended extruder temperature: 210°C (the maximum 240°C).

  Hot bed temperature: 60-120°C .

  Extruder number: 1/2.

  Power requirements: 110V/220V, 450W

  Connection: SD card or USB.

  The file print format: STL,G-Code.

  Compatibility: Windows, Mac.

  Control software: Repetier-host,Cura.

  Machine weight: 10kg

Buyer Protection Policies

      Secure Payment

                 PayPal-the most reliable payment method.Credit/Debit cards processed by PayPal

      DHL,UPS Insured Shipment

                 High Quality Express Transport without damage.

         1 Year Warranty

                 Just in case. Of course we only ship out perfect products.

      Technical Support Service

                 Experiencing trouble? Feel free to contact us!

Shipping Details

      Processing/Handling(Lead) Time

                  Ships in 4 to 6 Business days

       Delivery Time to Door step

                  4 to 5 days via UPS/DHL

Package Contents

  Flyingbear P905 3D Printer Kit

  1 Roll of PLA

  8GB SD Card

  Tool set

  0.3mm Nozzle


   Assembly Instructions


Flyingbear P905 3D Printer
It is my second 3D printer, I buy here. Sinse I tried FlyingBear P905 last year, I can't find anyone better in the same class. The support of FB team helps a lot, while was assembling and starting printing. Thinking abut Tornado to be next, but first, I should study to use it's main advantage - big printing surface (volume). As I understand now, good cover for printer is required. It will be good, to make some classification, to find easy all possible upgrades for printers (in facebook group, or any other possible storage). Also, it will be good, to have a list of pssible compartible parts (steppers, hotends, nozzles, drivers and so on). Looking forward, for my new printer to be delivered, to try new upgrades and have a new experience in printing. Hope, FB group to be developin and became more and more popular. It's very interesting progect, they've provided.
Flyingbear P905 3D Printer
Fast delivery, good material, easy to assemble.
Flyingbear P905 3D Printer
A solid 3D printer kit, but it expects a lot of work on the user's end. No manual, so you'll rely entirely on the PDF of design drawings and YouTube videos you can find on Google. Parts aren't labeled, and there are also no instructions for cable management. This is enough, though that it should take a novice ~20-30 hours to assemble and a professional ~8-10, I'd guess. Both nozzles jammed immediately, probably because both the filament it comes with and the hot ends look cheap, but new ones are on order. Operation is smooth and quiet, except for the Z axis, but a printed bracket will fix it. The motherboard has a cooling fan that is a little noisy. Its footprint-to-bed ratio is very good, though. I appreciate it's compact size, and that it provides dual extrusion. Pros: Cheap; Sturdy; Modable; Good motion; simple assembly; compact Cons: Not user friendly; bad filament/hot ends; slightly noisy motherboard fan
Flyingbear P905 3D Printer
I have the P905 Great machine ! if your belt's and bearings are installed properly it works great, I added a cooling fan for better overhang performance.
Flyingbear P905 3D Printer
Very pleased with the printer . the design is very well thought out and nicely done. It also has good potential for customisation. A lot of technology for not that much money . excellent. And the delivery and stuff was good too . .

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Flyingbear P905 3D Printer

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