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RepRap Guru DIY Prusa i3 V2 3D Printer Kit

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RepRap Guru is your ultimate platform for the finest quality experience in terms of DIY 3D printers. Our team of experts has utilized countless hours to develop a deluxe DIY Prusa i3 printer kit that does not require altering, drilling, soldering or cutting. It provides for your every need without external repair work. The RepRap Guru Prusa i3 kit has all the hard slog did and wiring intact so all you have to focus on is your superb printing experience. Included inside are all the necessary wires and connectors, secured properly in a carefully executed manner. With our unique upgrades, you can now enjoy unlimited features and benefits of this DIY 3D printer, all inside the comfort of your home. Our printers can run on 110 to 220 volts and utilize minimum energy. The DIY Prusa i3 printer kit is an economical and cost effective solution providing all the features of a 3D printer at the lowest rates.


  All molded plastic parts!

  No cutting, drilling or soldering!

  Philips head bolts for easy assembling

  Impressive 8” x 8” x 7” build area

  Capable of printing ABS, PLA, Wood, PVA, TPE (1.75mm)

  Can run 110V or 220V (comes with 110V US cord)


Microcontroller Arduino mega 2560 R3 clone
Black molded parts Complete set
Frame Acrylic
Print area 8 x 8 borosilicate glass
Bearing LM8UU linear bearings (12, including 2 spares); 623ZZ bearings (2)
Rod 8mm stainless steel 204 threaded rod (pre-cut); 8mm linear rod for X, Y, Z (pre-cut); 5mm threaded rod grade hardened steel ( pre-cut)
Heated bed Dual power 12V/24V (Pre setup for 12V)
Extruder Mk8/9 Direct drive with injection molded parts for 1.75mm filament
Power supply 360W 12V 30A
Stepper motor 5 NEMA 17 4.8kg/cm
Belt GT2 (2M, pre-cut)
Pulley 20 tooth pulleys (2)
Board RAMPS 1.4
Stepper driver A4988 (5, 1 extra)
Couplings 5mm to 5mm
Endstop Electronic end stop circuits w/ LED (3)
Belt tensioners2
Adjustment Threaded bed adjustment knobs (4)
Bed spring4
Required nuts/bolts for assembly Labeled and included
Power cable Yes
Lcd 2004 Lcd
Spool holder Yes

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