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SOVOL SV01 3D Printer

SOVOL SV01 Features

Direct Drive Extruder

  • The most significant feature on the SV01 is the direct drive extruder.
  • Direct drives are a great benefit on 3D printers as they alleviate all of the issues seen with Bowden cables.
    • Allow you to print with soft and flexible filament materials like TPU and TPE. 

Carbon Silicon Crystal Glass Coated Bed(Tempered)

  • The coated bed plate is uniquely permanently bonded to the heated bed which results in a very stable platform that requires much less calibration between prints. 
    • No Warping issues
  • The coating itself is similar to the Ultrabase coating seen on Anycubic 3D printers, and works in the same way, providing a superior gripping surface that negates the need for glue or hairspray while also making prints pop off with ease once they have cooled to room temperature

Dual Z-axis Design

  • Two Z-axis screws and stepper motors drive the vertical axis of the SV01, improving accuracy and precision,
  • Stabilize the printer in larger prints and. add a "pro" level to the printer. 

Meanwell Power Supply

  •  24V Meanwell power supply is neatly integrated underneath the printer with an aluminum cover over it, rather than being mounted precariously and unprotected on the outer frame.
    • Protects both the printer and the user and looks more attractive.
  • The cable routing and ATMega2560 motherboard are also under this cover, giving the printer a very neat appearance.
  • Unlike other manufacturers, we haven't  cut corners with a cheap power supply. The Meanwell branded unit is a trustworthy brand which will deliver the power needed without cutting out or causing a safety hazard

 Auto-leveling Sensor Location

While the SV01 doesn’t have auto-leveling, we thoughtfully left space and appropriate mounting holes for a sensor if you should want to upgrade. As this is one of the most popular 3D printer upgrades, but not for everyone, it’s a good idea to not add to the printers price with a feature many people won’t want, while making it easy to upgrade for those that do want to.

Thermal Runaway Protection

So many 3D printers do not have this basic safety feature, to ensures your 3D printer stops sending power to heating elements in the event of an error. This can prevent catastrophic overheating. 

Filament Runout Sensor

In the event of your filament running out too soon, the SV01 will detect this and pause your print so you can fit a new spool of filament and resume the print, saving you from failed print disaster! 

Power Outage Resume

In the event of a power outage, whether a tripped fuse or an accidental unplugging, the SV01 will simply ask you if you want to resume from where it stopped. Again, this is a print-saving feature that can easily save you from canning hours of printing. 

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 User Manual

 SOVOL SV01 1.1.6 Firmware

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