• TEVO Little Monster Large Delta 3D Printer Kit

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Openbuilds Aluminium Extrusion Full CNC Large Delta 3D Printer

Tevo brings a brand new product to their line of 3D Printer kits. The Tevo Little Monster is only little in name. This Delta printer kit boasts a large print volume of 340mm diameter and 500mm height

The Little Monster does not hold back on features either. It is the complete package with a glass-ceramic heated bed for faster bed heating times, auto leveling with the renowned BLTouch, a touch screen display for easy input, and dual stainless steal fan shrouds for super effective part cooling

Tevo Little Monster


  Huge Build Volume: 340*500mm/ 14 x 20 inches

  AC 110/220V types Glass-Ceramic Based Heated Bed to reduce heating time

  Max Printing speed 300 mm/s

  ANTCLABS Original BLTouch Bed Levelling Sensors

  MKS TFT28 Touchscreen Onboard

  Openbuilds Aluminium Extrusion 4080

  Strong Active Cooling Fan for Better Temperature Control

  Brilliant Pause Functionality which can be resummed

  Smoothieware Opensource Platform

  Titan Extruder, E3D Volcano Hot end(c)

Technical specifications:

Technology FDM
MAX Print Speed 300mm/s
Print Speed Range 20-300mm/s
Layer Resolution 0.05-0.8mm
Printing Size D340xH500mm/ 14" x 20"
Positioning Accuracy 0.02mm
Standard Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Extruder Type Titan Extruder, E3D Volcano Hot end(C)
Recommended extruder temperature 210°C (maximum up to 260°C)
Heating plate temperature 60-120°C (when in a 25°C environment – no drafts) AC powered for faster heating.
Mainboard & LCDMKS Sbase V1.3 + MKS TFT28
FirmwareSmoothieware & Antclabs Bltouch
Support FilamentPLA, ABS, Flexible, HIPS, PLA WOOD
Compatibility 3D printing Software Simplify3D, Repetier host, Pronterface
Supported File Format STL, G-code
Compatibility Windows , Linux, Mac
AC Input DC 400W 24V(With heat bed)
Power Requirements AC110-220V
Connectivity (Interface) High-speed USB device interface or SD card
Machine Size 600x 600x 1200mm

Advantages of MKS TFT28 Touch screen:

  8 inch colorful touch screen LCD, support U disk and SD card

  Support continual and easy software update.

  Suitable for many main board such as Ramps1.4 and MKS Base,MKS Gen,MKS Mini.

  P&P, do not need to modify your firmware, support Marlin\Smoothieware and Repetier.

  Support situation save when power breakout function. Using this function, you should choose Pause action first before you breakout the power. When you open the power again, the printer can run from the situation before you breakout the power


Smoothieware is a free, opensource, high performance and modular G-code interpreter and CNC control system for most of the opensource reprap 32bits controller board.

It's already preconfigured/flashed to the board of TEVO Delta ,so you can just plug in,start and play the print.

Some of the advantages of Smoothieware

  Designed to support non-Cartesian machines ( rotational axes : wall drawer, SCARA robot, Delta/Parallel robot, Robotic arm, Spherical/Cylindrical robot, etc … ). Currently supported : Cartesian and H-Bot ( CoreXY ), Linear Delta, Rotary Delta and Feather

  Supports all features found in Reprap firmwares

  Compatible with the normal Reprap ecosystem ( G-code flavour ), making it compatible with the common Reprap Hosts ( Pronterface, Octoprint etc )

  Easy configuration using a simple configuration file on the SD card ( no compiling/flashing required )

  Serial interface over USB

  High step rate ( 120khz ) for higher movement speed or high microstepping

  Easy firmware upgrade via the SD card

  Modular and well commented code

  Modular, event driven design, allowing to add functionality easily without modifying the core

Documentation Guides:

  Tevo Little Monster Manual

  Master Guide(Firmware/Helper)

  Little Monster Documentation and Config/Settings

  S3D Profile

  Duet Conversion by AK Eric

Shipping Details

      Processing/Handling(Lead) Time

                  Ships in 4 to 6 Business days

       Delivery Time to Doorstep

                  4 to 5 days via FedEx or UPS

  Buyer Protection Policies

      Safe Payment

                 PayPal-the most reliable payment method.Credit/Debit cards processed by PayPal

      UPS Insured Shipment

                 High Quality Express Transport without damage.

         1 Year Warranty

                 Just in case. Of course we only ship out perfect products.

      Technical Support Service

                 Experiencing trouble? Feel free to contact us!

TEVO Little Monster Large Delta 3D Printer Kit
Hello, the LM is my first printer, i absolutely loved the easy to assemble process, i expected to be harder and more complicated, i did not have any other printer, but i was expecting the closest possible to a maintenance free machine. LM match all my expectations, it is definitely a very solid machine, it gives me the impression that will print a lot without any work on it, i study mechatronics and i see a lot of room to upgrade on the machine also, that is one thing i was searching when i choose the LM, another reason i choose it is because of the 300m/s speed and the wide variety of materials it can print. As a beginner i find this a very easy machine to start, the callibration and BLtouch were flawless, it worked no joke on the first time i assembled it without any adjust or help.The only thing that i miss on my LM is the possibility to print 2 or more materials, it have only a single nozzle extruder, but for me its an awesome machine. That's my experience.
TEVO Little Monster Large Delta 3D Printer Kit
It is workhorse printer.The LM is a wonderful machine when everything is running smoothly,So happy with the print quality of my LM The LM can be a lot of work and a delta is a very different style of machine to calibrate and troubleshoot. So a learning curve is present. The LM frame is great. So the main body is there.And at $700 its a better price than it was at 800 or 900. The printer parts are all clones. Some better than others. There is an entire group of people who have done full duet conversions.There are some running stock with just TL smoothers.I run my LM basically stock. I did add the stepper dampers, but definitely not required, just cut down noise
TEVO Little Monster Large Delta 3D Printer Kit
The build process was pretty simple. I don't suggest that anyone go into this project unless you are ready to get your hands dirty and invest some time. I had holes that weren't tapped, belts that were twisted, wires that weren't properly mounted in the plugs, and plugs that came plugged into the control board in the wrong place. It may sound like I'm trying to discourage you from buying from 3DPrintersbay or from buying the Tevo Little Monster. I'm not. Everything I mentioned was an easy fix with items from my shop. I just feel that if you are considering this, you should know what you're getting into. I got the best price I could find on the printer I wanted. It is assembled, has a huge print volume, runs amazingly well, and is extremely fast. I'm giving a 4 out of 5 not for the printer because it is great, but for the quality control issues and the two missed shipping deadlines.
TEVO Little Monster Large Delta 3D Printer Kit
I am extremely satisfied with the printing quality of the product. I am using it from last 3 months and it seems a workhorse. I haven’t encountered any single choke although I am using it almost 7 to 8 hours a day. High printing speed allows me to deliver the work to clients on time. The SD card allows easy firmware upgrade. The printer is easy to understand and is recommended to both amateurs and professionals. Thank you very much, Jeff Reyes
TEVO Little Monster Large Delta 3D Printer Kit
The delivery was quick, excellent customer service and it really impressed me. I am so glad that I have chosen this printer from my lists of short listed ones. The printer is a full CNC structure and is sturdy enough to handle daily wear and tear. It is very easy to use and maintain. It is a must have printer if you want to fulfill all your 3D printer needs with a single machine. The impressive printing speed and the huge build size makes the printer a must own.

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TEVO Little Monster Large Delta 3D Printer Kit

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