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The Flsun V400 is a large delta-style 3D printer that utilizes Klipper technology to achieve high-speed and high-quality prints. The FLSUN V400 is a newer, faster, and more powerful 3D printer. It prints larger, more complex models in less time, up to 70% faster than other leading printers.


    • High quality dual linear guide rails
      • The high-quality dual linear guides provide stability and precision during printing which allows for a more fluid movement of the extrusion head. This lets you get more precise prints, which translate into smoother and cleaner finishes.
    • Pre-installed with Klipper firmware
      • The FLSUN V400 printer comes with Klipper firmware pre-installed, offering a premium printing experience. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to use and even allows for Wi-Fi connectivity, which is very convenient. Benefits of Klipper firmware as:
        • Faster and more precise printing: Klipper firmware offloads most of the processing to the host computer, allowing for more complex calculations and faster processing. This results in more accurate and precise printing, as well as faster printing speeds.
        • Customizable settings: Klipper firmware is highly customizable, allowing users to fine-tune settings to optimize performance for their specific printer setup.
        • Advanced features: Klipper firmware supports a wide range of advanced features such as pressure advance, thermal protection, and PID temperature control, which can help improve the quality of prints and prevent damage to the printer.
        • Compatible with various hardware: Klipper firmware is compatible with a wide range of 3D printer controllers, including popular Arduino-based boards and the Raspberry Pi, making it accessible to many 3D printing enthusiasts.
        • Open-source: Klipper firmware is an open-source project, which means that it is constantly being updated and improved by a community of developers. This results in a stable and reliable firmware that is supported by a vibrant community.
    • Light-weight dual drive direct extruder system
      • With the FLSUN V400, you get a compact and lightweight extruder system with direct drive technology. This allows you to print faster and with less weight on the hotend. The V400 is unique in that it incorporates both the housing and the hotend into one piece--making it one of the lightest direct drive extruders on the market! The dual-drive gear system further ensures consistent extrusion and fine control, which is especially important when trying to push out filament at higher speeds.
    • Compatible with the many types of 3D filaments
      • The Flsun V400 3D printer is a versatile machine that offers great flexibility in terms of printing materials. It is compatible with PLA, ABS, PC, flexible filaments and nylon, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to create prototypes, functional parts or artistic objects. PLA is a common and easy to use material for 3D printing, while ABS is stronger and more durable. PC is heat-resistant and flexible allows you to create flexible and elastic objects. Nylon is also a popular material used in 3D printing because of its strength and flexibility. 
    • Auto leveling system
      • The FLSUN V400 Printing platform is equipped with a leveling sensor that makes the calibration process much easier. The printer’s automatic leveling system measures the distance between its print nozzle and heating bed surface, then adjusts the nozzle height accordingly in order to produce quality prints on uneven surfaces.
    • Detachable PEI spring steel platform
      • FLSUN V400 features a detachable PEI spring steel platform that makes it easy to remove your model from the printer bed after printing.
    • High printing speed
      • The FLSun V400 boasts prints speeds up to 400 mm/s
    • Large volcano style nozzle
      • FLSUN V400 volcano style nozzle is equipped with a dual melt zone, the nozzle divides the plastic into two tunnels, allowing for faster melting by increasing the heated surface area.
    • Large building volume
      • With its impressive print volume of 300mm in diameter and 410mm high, the Flsun V400 is capable of producing large objects like automotive parts, furniture, sculptures, and home accessories. Its spacious build platform saves time and boosts productivity, making it an ideal choice for professionals, craftsmen, artists, and DIY enthusiasts looking to complete large-scale projects.
    • Bi-Metallic heatbreak
      • The Flsun V400 boasts a bimetallic heatbreak temperature up to 300 degree celsius, which is an essential component for achieving stable and high-quality 3D prints. This precision part separates the hot area of the printer nozzle from the cold area of the heat sink, effectively reducing the risk of nozzle clogs and filament leakage during temperature changes. Additionally, the bimetallic heatbreak facilitates excellent heat dissipation and minimizes the accumulation of filament deposits that could potentially damage the printer. Overall, this advanced technology is a significant advantage of the Flsun V400 3D printer.
    • 7-inch Speeder pad system
      • The Speeder Pad is a comprehensive control system that boasts 1GB of RAM and 16GB of memory. In addition to running Klipper, it also records all your prints and facilitates timelapses. Although the printer doesn't include a camera, any webcam can be connected to this plug-and-play system. The Speeder Pad's 7-inch design is impressively sturdy and resilient, and it features Mainsail, a user-friendly Klipper interface. The printer can be controlled directly from your PC via a Mainsail interface that is accessible through your web browser, similar to Octoprint. With Wi-Fi capability, this system is exceptionally user-friendly and delivers a premium experience.
    • Filament sensor
      • Filament Sensor will alert you when your filament is running low or has broken.
    • Silent stepper drivers
      • The implementation of silent stepper drivers on FLSUN V400 results in reduced vibrations and noise levels, as well as improved heat dissipation, ultimately leading to more precise and smoother prints.
    • Strong dual cooling fans
      • A strong dual cooling fan helps to solidify the part quickly and prevents deformation of the molten plastic, which helps you achieve a cleaner, more appealing final product.


    Product/Model NameV400
    Printing size300 x 410 mm
    Printing TehnologyFDM
    Nozzle Diameter0.4 mm
    Layer Height0.05 - 0.3 mm
    Precision50 microns
    Nozzle TypeSingle Nozzle
    Environment Temperature5 - 40°C
    Nozzle Temperature< 300°C
    Hotbed Temperature<110°C
    Heating plateYes, PEI surface
    Filament SupportPLA, ABS, PETG, PC, Flexible, Nylon, ASA
    Printing Speed400 mm/s maximum
    File FormatSTL, OBJ, AMF
    Slice SoftwareCura(recommended) / Simplify3D / Prusa slicer / ideamaker
    File FormatG-code/UFP (Preview able model)
    Working ModeWebsite / Flsun Speeder Pad
    Data TransferSD Card, USB cable, Wifi
    VoltageInput : AC 115V-230V ; Output : DC 24V
    Leveling TypeAuto-level
    Filament DetectionYes
    Feeder SystemDirect
    Bed levelingAutomatic
    Machine dimensions480x435x940mm
    Machine weight19 kg


    Top Shell & Bottom ShellWrench set
    AxisU Disk
    Effector ModuleHeating rod
    Parallel armsSpare thermistor
    Filament HolderNeedle cleaner
    7 inch Speeder PadPTFE Tube
    Leveling switchScrews
    Filament detection sensorGrease
    Power lineBrush
    Diagonal pliersPad Holder
    Screw driver200g Free filament


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