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  • Brand: PHROZEN 
  • Product Code: PHROZEN-CURE

Phrozen Cure – Professional UV Post Curing Lamp(Curing Station)

A compact professional UV Cure oven. Perfect for jewelers and dental labs. Very easy and safe to use with 3 programmable preset timers.

Phrozen Cure Features

  • High intensity UV light (390 – 410 nm) for post curing, with intensity at 40 mw / cm^2.
  • Can finish post cure within 10 mins, depending on your thickness.
  • Use LED as light source. The lifetime is over 50,000 hours(Can sustain over 30 years with 4 hr daily use).
  • 3 memory setting with time selection up to 9 hr 50 mins.
  • Machine Size: 21.6cm x 20cm x 15cm
  • Tray Size: 12.7cm x 17cm x 7cm
  • Tray design with light filter. Easy to use and protect your eyes.
  • Power Output: 65W, Power Input: 100-240 V AC / 50-60Hz.

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