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Phrozen Shuffle XL

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The Prosumer Resin 3D Printer

The Phrozen Shuffle is the next generation prosumer resin 3D printer. With a 8.9" High Resolution 2K LCD and a print volume of 190mm x 120mm x 200mm. This little power house delivers where others fall short. Using a ParaLED Matrix 50 Watt 24 Bulb UV/LED light source this printer delivers full build plate exposure to 100% even lighting resulting in the full use of the entire build area, no hot spots at all. Twin Linear Guides, Ball Screw, and Optical End-stops ensure smooth deliberate movement, no upgrades needed extremely well built,this is the most solid SLA printer we have ever seen for the money. An integrated 3.5" Color Touch Screen Display and intuitive interface make operation a breeze. 75 micron XY resolution and a Z Resolution of an amazing 10 micron make this one of the most detailed printers on the market in almost any class. A custom built slicing software allows for easy design and implementation of support material and control of the machine.

This is the answer to those asking should i get into SLA, let the results speak for themselves, this is the answer

Phrozen Self-Developed ParaLED Optical Engine

In optical systems for resin 3D printer, light intensity, wavelength, and optical path highly influences printing quality and efficiency. Conventional LCD 3D printer tends to use thumb-size COB LED with Fresnel film. This leads to a bad light uniformity where the light intensity is less in the edge areas. Their major target is to reduce the cost.Phrozen’s ParaLED Optical Engine uses LED array matrix with the size same as LCD panel. Moreover, we narrow down the LED emission angle to make it as parallel as possible. That way, we can increase the efficiency that light pass through LCD and, therefore, improve printing speed and quality.

Phrozen Shuffle is the only entry level 3D Printer with a ParaLED array.

Twin Linear Rail, Ball Screw / Ball Bearing for Ultra-Stable Z-axis

Z axis wobbling is a big problem for most entry level resin 3D Printers. You will see Z-axis of many 3D printers are not fixed on top (or just simply put a cap on it). Overall Z-axis design is based on simple optical axis and rail shaft. These will cause severe wobbling during 3D printing process, especially for large & high models. That’s why Phrozen team uses Twin Linear Rail, Ball Screw, and Ball Bearing with Aluminum-CNC part to on Phrozen Shuffle’s Z-axis. That can assure linearity and minimize impact of loaded force during the printing process. This concept has been widely verified in their previous model Phrozen Make XL, 8.9 inch LCD 3D Printer.

Phrozen Shuffle XL Highlights

  • Uniform printing on the full buildplate
  •  XY Resolution 75 µm. Suitable for detailed models, jewelry, and dental use
  • Buildplate is almost three times the size of the normal Shuffle.
  • ParaLED LED Array with 90% optical uniformity, much better than conventional singel point source COB LED
  • 150W LED Array combined with uniform light angle for faster resin curing
  • 405 nm UV-LED. Works with most commercially available resin
  • Touch Screen control
  • USB port
  • Works standalone, no need for a dedicated PC.
  • Twin Linear Rail along with Ball Screw & Ball Bearing. Highly stable Z-axis, ZERO wobbling during printing.
  • 1 year warranty

Technical specifications

Printing Technology LCD-based Masked Stereolithography (MSLA)
LCD 8.9-inch 2K (Shuffle XL) 405nm ParaLED Matrix Optical Engine
Led power 150 W - 405 nm
Led typer Para Led
Build Volume 190 x 120 x 200 (Shuffle XL)
Z-Layer Resolution 10 microns
XY Resolution 75 microns (Shuffle XL)
Printing Speed 30 mm per hour
Recommended minimum thickness of the surfaces > 0.4 mm
UI Color touchscreen, web browser
Connectivity USB, LAN Ethernet
Build Platform Leveling Assisted leveling
Materials Resins suitable for 405nm LCD-based printers
Z axis Dual linear rail,Ball screw/Ball bearing
Front display 3.5" Touch display
Sensor Optical switch
Software bundle Phrozen skinned NanoDLP host/control via web browser and LAN, ChiTu slicer
File types STL (up to 100mb), SLC, ZIP
Weight 21kg (Shuffle XL)
Dimensions 315 x 285 x 450mm (Shuffle XL)

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What’s in the box

Phrozen Shuffle XL: LCD 3D Printer * 1

Black Power Cable, Blue Connection Cable

Printing Kit (Gloves, Wiper/Scraper, Funnel)

Online Phrozen Shuffle manual 

Phrozen Shuffle XL Firmware (use WIN-RAR to create image file)

 Phrozen WiFi Instructions 

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