• Anycubic Photon SLA DLP 3D Printer

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Anycubic Photon SLA DLP 3D Printer

Anycubic Photon SLA 3D Printer equipped with 2.8 Colour touch screen, offers stable offline printing, using extraordinary in-built slicer gets the slicing job done under few mins & 2K LCD Masking screen for fine detail. Creative structure & adopt Air filterarion system for healthy atmosphere and filtrate bad smell.Designed with uniformity and durability.

Photon Highlights:

  Full Color Intelligent touch screen for real-time previews of print status

  Stable transmission - Most DLP printer use Raspberry Pi to implement offline printing which is unstable most of the times but with Photon system it is designed to support Offline printing.Plug-and-play, USB printing offer stable signal transmission

  Photon slicer brings extraordinary user experience, It is superior in terms of slicing speed and operational experience. Ultimate Slice Speed

  Creative structure offers more easiness to leveling: Lower the platform down to the screen; Feel the resistance when pulling the paper in-between; Tighten one screw; Leveling done

  UV-LED designed with uniformity and durability: 25W UV light source sit inside stainless steel snoot, equipped with 80*80mm heat sink, to offer uniform UV light for long serving time

  2K LCD Masking Screen 2560*1440(2K) HD masking LCD gives very fine printing details down to few micrometers

  Inner air-purification system with activated carbon to filtrate bad smell and keep air clean.

Technical specifications:

System ANYCUBIC Photon
Screen 2.8-inch touch screen
Slicer software ANYCUBIC Photon Slicer
Connection USB
Technology DLP
Technique LCD Shadow Masking
Light-source UV integrated light(wavelength 405nm)
XY DPI 47um (2560*1440)
Y axis resolution 1.25um
Layer resolution 25 ~ 100um
Printing speed 20mm/h
Rated Power 40W​
Printer size 220mm*200mm*400mm
Printing volume 115mm *65mm *155mm (4.52″*2.56″*6.1″)
Printing material 405nm photosensitive resin
N.W ~6.6kg​

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Shipping Details

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       Delivery Time to Doorstep (Transit)

                  4 to 5 days via DHL

Anycubic Photon SLA DLP 3D Printer

Anycubic Photon SLA DLP 3D Printer
These guys were great. Arrived quickly, and machine was in perfect condition. It will be a Christmas gift. Thanks for great service
Anycubic Photon SLA DLP 3D Printer
So far this printer has been a dream. This printer has amazing results I am not going to get into that. I am going to talk about the single shortcoming that I have found or at least what I found to be annoying. the print surface hangs on ball pivot right out of the box it can be tricky to get leveled. this can be resolved by using a 3d printer to print a replacement level mechanism.
Anycubic Photon SLA DLP 3D Printer
Nice quick shipping, I didn't expect it to arrive so soon. The printer itself is pretty good, taken a bit to get the hang of, and some dumb mistakes on my part (very happy they give you a spare sheet for the resin tray) but I've had a blast printing.
Anycubic Photon SLA DLP 3D Printer
Amazing product, I will love if this company makes a bigger one next time, maybe using a tablet screen.
Anycubic Photon SLA DLP 3D Printer
I'm really pleased with my photon. The print quality is off the charts! Calibration and cleanup is easy and the slicing software is decent. You can't go wrong with this printer for the money.

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Anycubic Photon SLA DLP 3D Printer

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