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Applications of 3D Printing is getting widespread recognition in almost all walks of life, and the same is true about Restoration of historical monuments and ancient artefacts. A team of experts from Rome are now using 3D printers to restore historical artefacts which were destroyed by ISIS during their reign of terror at the city of Palmyra in Syria.

We have heard reports of how the US government and the United Nations planned to supply small 3D Scanners to the locals so that they could scan the monuments in Syria, but now it’s clear that most of the damage is already done. Their efforts have mostly gone in vain as the historical sites in Palmyra city have been completely destroyed or damaged by the ISIS. But alls not lost as conservationists are trying their best to salvage all they can with the help of old photos of the site.

The efforts of these Conservationists seem to be working well as we have successfully recreated destroyed buildings and monuments as 3D printed models. These 3D printed structures of Palmyra landmarks have been displayed in London’s Trafalgar Square, New York City’s Time Square, and elsewhere.

3D Printing is now also being used to repair and restore original artefacts which were destroyed during the ISIS reign. Restoration experts from Rome have now started using 3d Printing and scanning technology. The said artefacts are 2 limestone funerary busts which were recovered by the Un forces shortly after the first raid by ISIS on Palmyra City. The broken limestone busts were repaired using 3D printers to fabricate missing pieces for the busts which were fit together using strong magnets.

Daria Montemaggiori who along with Antonio Iaccarino Idelson worked on the restoration process of the busts said that she was “filled with anguish” on seeing the broken busts but working on the artefact has been a real pleasure.

The Restored bust will be now be sent to a museum in Damascus, Syria from where it will be sent back to its original resting place i.e. Palmyra City. This is yet another great application for the 3D Printing technology and hope it inspires museums around the world to take up similar projects.

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