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Qidi Tech X-CF Pro Industrial-grade 3D Printer Fully enclosed with Dry box

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Qidi X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer, Specially Developed for Printing Carbon Fiber & Nylon with QIDI Fast Slicer, Automatic Leveling, Build Volume 11.8x9.8x11.8 Inch

X-CF Pro, QIDI TECH R&D team spent 13 months developing an industrial-grade FFF 3d printer that can fully print carbon fiber and nylon. We redesigned the extruder system to be more suitable for printing carbon fiber materials with a mechanical motion structure and a filament dry box. The software was redeveloped after extensive testing by Qidi Tech engineers. Many thanks to the large number of Qidi Tech users who provided us with valuable experience and suggestions for our progress!

Perfect for 3D Printing Carbon Fiber and Nylon Filament materials

Qidi Tech X-CF Pro 3D Printer Top features:

  • New XYZ structure
    • The X-CF Pro from Qidi Tech has a dual Z-axis and an XYZ structure to enable high-precision and fast printing.
  • Normal extruder & high-temperature extruder up to 350 °C
    • The contents of delivery include a normal dual-gear extruder (up to 240 °C) supports printing normal materials such as PLA,ABS,PETG and other filaments and a high-temperature dual-gear extruder with a temperature resistance of up to 350 °C specially designed for printing Carbon fiber, Nylon and the other high temperature plastic materials.
  • Large build volume
    • With a build volume of 300 x 250 x 300 (L x W x H), large-format ideas can also be realized in Qidi Tech X-CF Pro.
  • Automatic levelling
    • Qidi Tech X-CF Pro has BLTouch levelling sensor records up to 20 points on the print bed and guarantees convenient automatic levelling and precise positioning.
  • PEI print plate
    • The PEI print bed ensures the best adhesion and prevents warping and other printing problems.
  • Filament sensor
    • The Qidi X-CF Pro has a filament sensor that lets you know when the filament is running out. So you can print larger models carefree.
  • Wi-Fi connection
    • Control your 3D printer conveniently via WIFI and save time.
  • 5-inch HD touchscreen
    • A user-friendly 5-inch HD touchscreen makes it easy to use and manage.
  • Qidi slicing software
    • The improved Qidi Slicing software now offers more efficient parameters for printing carbon and nylon filaments.
  • Including dry box & 500g CF Filament
    • You receive your Qidi printer with a suitable dry box so that you can protect your filaments from moisture in an optimal way.
    • NOTE: The dry box protects the filaments from moisture, but does not actively dry them. You should definitely dry the filament that is already damp before storing it in the dry box.

Qidi Tech X-CF Pro Tech specs

ManufacturerQidi Tech
Product nameX-CF Pro
Machine Size610 x 515 x 678mm
Print Size300 x 250 x 300mm
Print Accuracy0.05-0.2mm
Print Speed60mm/s
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm
Extruder Temp<=350°C
Extruder Quantity
  • 2 numbers
  • High temperature single extruder x1
  • Ordinary single extruder x1
Support MaterialPA12-CF, PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, NYLON, PC
Connection OptionsWIFI/LAN/USB Pen Drive
SupportWindows 64 bit/Mac
Compatible SoftwareQidiPrint/Cura/Simplify 3D
Package Size58 x 64 x 68cm/22.8 x 25 x 26.7in
Package Weight38KG/83.7lbs

Qidi X-CF Pro, What's in the Box

Qidi X-CF Pro 3D printer1x spool of CF filament 500gram
1x transparent printer cover1x levelling paper
1x power supply & LAN cable1x dry box & sealing tape
1x normal extruder assembly1x storage shelf for dry box
1x user manual1x dry box storage
1x USB stick1x desiccant
1x filament holder & seal3x screwdrivers
1x accessory box

Qidi X-CF Pro Repository

Qidi Tech X-CF Pro user manual

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