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Wanhao Duplicator 8, Large format LCD SLA 3D Printer

This is the most updated version of Duplicator 8 (D8)

Buy this good-value and easy to use DLP 3D printer and get into powerful resin 3D printing. With the Wanhao Duplicator D8 you are able to make precise and high-resolution 3D prints. This great additive manufacturing machine enables you to perform advanced production quality with DLP Resins. It is perfect for beginners, educators and users who need good-value, precise and stable production quality.

Main features of Wanhao Duplicator D8:

  • Quick Installation of Resin Tank- The slide-in system makes changing and positioning the resin vat for cleaning and replacing the FEP film easy Just turn the lock down nuts to secure the vat in place and you are ready to go!
  • SMART TOUCH SCREEN Control real-time printing data Progress/time/temperature/number of layers/model appearance
  • BETTER BUILD PLATFORM DESIGN- QUICK STEPS TO LEVELING- Just lower the platform down to screen with a piece of paper.Slight resistance when pulling the paper out,then tighten the screws-leveling is done!
  • 8.9" 2K LCD MASKING SCREEN- 2560*1600(2K) HD MASKING LCD gives very fine printing details down to few micrometers
  • AIR FILTRATION- Inner air-purification system with activated carbon
  • Very easy to use, precise and accurate UV DLP 3D printer
  • Perfect for beginners and users who want good-value 3D printing with resin
  • Simply upload of your 3D models per Wifi or USB flash drive
  • Use the innovative integrated slicer to slice your models directly on the device
  • Cooling is carried out by two coolers on the sides and through the vents on the back of the unit. Also located behind the power connector and the main switch.
  • The printer will print any photopolymer materials polymerized light with a wavelength of 405 nanometers.This opens up opportunities for the use of inexpensive high-quality resins.
  • Large 3D printing size: 190 x 120 x 180 mm enables you to 3D print large parts
  • High resolution – Up to 35 microns – ensures you can manufacture fine details
  • Generative manufacturing with resin gives you more freedom of choice when it comes to material properties
  • Added Fan to the Carbon activated Filter system for more purification NEW
  • 4 bolt adjusting system for Platform NEW
  • Work with STL files. Print through Wifi or USB NEW

Users of this UV DLP Resin 3D Printer:

The D8 has a very wide range of users and use cases. Due to the fact that there are so many resins on the market yet. One can use different resins for changing tasks and challenges. The resin market is developing so fast that the scope of application of DLP 3D printers grows at a fast pace. Following users can work with the Wanhao Duplicator D8.

  • Prosumers / makers / hobbyists
  • Teachers, educators & trainers
  • Designers & architects
  • Craftsmen
  • Draftsmen & engineers
  • Dentists & dental technicians/Jewelry Industry

The perfect DLP 3D printer for prosumers, makers, teachers and educators

Are you an active prosumer or innovative teacher who likes to 3D print with resin technology. Then you should go for the Wanhao Duplicator D8. This DLP 3D printer is affordable, reliable and accurate. It is a great manufacturing machine to get into the technology for a good price. Its robust construction guarantees a steep learning curve and a lot of fun while working with it. When you and your students are more advanced you will get even better results. Tip: Try different DLP resins for manifold material properties that fits your use cases.

Drag&drop your 3D model per Wifi to your DLP 3D printer

Cumbersome transferring 3D models to your 3D printer via Micro-SD or USB stick is now a thing of the past. Use your browser and simply drag&drop your 3D models wireless to the Wanhao Duplicator D8. If you wish you still could use your USB flash drive to transfer your CAD data. This gives you more freedom of choice.

Slice directly on your 3D printer with the integrated slicer

This innovative UV DLP 3D printer has an integrated slicer. After the drag & drop of your CAD data to the D8 you can slice your files directly on the 3D printer. This makes slicing very comfortable and easy.

Touch screen for full control and easy surveillance

Simply select your settings and control the additive manufacturing process via the large touch screen display. You can watch the production status and change settings if you like to. Be able to have an easy surveillance and full control over your Wanhao Duplicator D8.

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